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A poem I found in an old notebook from middle school.

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Grammar Poetry & Music is Ashley S. I've been writing and creating stories and poems for longer than I can remember, and I want to share them with the world! And to have a good spot to organize things. Organizing is fun.

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My Community

When I was still in high school, especially in the first half where I attended a school online, I had my own "Creative Writing folder" where I could post, organize, and discuss my poetry with my school friends. I don't think anything can really come close to replicating that space that I had for self-expression and conversation, but the closest place to that is my profile on HelloPoetry.com.

Read any poem I've written since Sept 2013...
Getting an elbow pic with two of my awesome high school friends!

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I want to connect with you! Do you want to share your own work, or collaborate on a song (or even write a poem together) or just get together and chat? I'd love to hear from you.

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